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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere coffee is an exquisite, floral-bodied medium roast. With a predominantly fruity forward flavor, this particular Yirgacheffe coffee mellows into a very balanced and well- rounded cup. It has less acidity than other African coffee offerings and proves to be an excellent choice for almost any coffee lover.

IN Southern Ethiopia, you will find the small district called Kochere. Kocher This African district is well known for producing high-quality Ethiopian coffee beans - where the acidic, mineral dense soil and soaring altitudes make for a perfect coffee growing micro-climate.


• Cupping Notes: fruity, dry fruit, honey, mild flowery • Roast Body: Mild
• Roast Level: Medium
• Caffeine
Level: Caffeinated

• Single Origin: Kocher, Ethiopia • Origin: Kochere, Ethiopia
• Altitude: 1,798
- 1,996 meters • Varietal: Heirloom

• Process: Washed
• Drying: Sun
-dried on raised tables
• Harvest Period: September - December • Export Period: April - July
• Roasted in

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