My First Quran Activity Book

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My First Quran Activity Book is†a one of a kind book for not only Muslim books¨

but also for mainstream books.

The concept of the book is to provide visual, auditory AND tactical associations

for the stories in the book.

There are 6 spreads with 6 different activities and stories. Each activity is

interactive and engaging. The book is made of thick cardboard to withstand little

toddler hands. Pieces are magnetic and can be turned and twisted without


The recommended age group for this book is toddlers through Kindergarten


Stories Included are:

Prophet Nuh's (AS) Ark

Prophet Yusuf's (AS) dream

Prophet Muhammad (AS) and the spider

Bibi Hajra (AS) and Zam Zam

Prophet Hud (AS) and the cave

Prophet Yunus (AS) and the whale

The activities include:

Shadow matching to help hand eye coordination

Complete the picture to help stimulate free play

Puzzles to help work on logic

Shoe lace practice to build fine motor skills