P r o p h e t S u l e i m a n a n d t h e Q u e e n A n t

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Prophet Suleiman and the Queen Ant is a one of a kind book that is changing

the way we tell stories to our kids.

The book has 6 brightly illustrated spreads that take the child through the story

of Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant.

Through out the book there are over 40 reusable vinyl stickers that allow the

child to interact with the book. These reusable vinyl stickers add a tactile

component to the story telling process.

The concept of the book is to provide visual, auditory AND tactical associations

for the story to increase the child's retention rate.

The book also introduces some basic emotions. Through out the book there are

words describing common feelings. Those words are illustrated in such a way

that the child is able to use the visual as a cue to understand them.

Some of the developmental skills targeted in the book are:

Shadow matching to help hand eye coordination

Fine Motor skills

Logic Planning